The full CC minutes will be available online.  If you wish to continue receiving a paper copy, please contact any CC member,  or email cambuskennethcc@gmail.com.

1) via the CC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CambuskennethCC/
2) by email on request to cambuskennethcc@gmail.com

Cambuskenneth CC Minutes November 2020 unapproved

Cambuskenneth CC Minutes 26 October 2020 approved

Cambuskenneth CC Minutes September 2020 approved

CCC Minutes August 2020 approved

CCC Minutes June 2020 approved

CCC Minutes May 2020 unapproved

Minutes March 2020 approved

Minutes 27 January 2020 approved

November 2019 – unapproved

CCC Minutes October 2019 approved

Cambuskenneth CC Minutes 23-9-19 approved

CCC Meeting Minutes 24 June 2019 approved

CCC AGM Minutes 20 May 2019 approved


Cambuskenneth CC minutes 15_04_19 approved

CC meeting 25_03_19 approved

CC minutes 25th February 2019 approved

Cambuskenneth CC minutes 28-1-19

Inaugural Meeting 9 January 2019

Cambuskenneth CC minutes 9 January 2019

Cambuskenneth CC September 2018

Cambuskenneth CC AGM 25 June 2018

Cambuskenneth CC minutes May 21st 2018 final

Cambuskennth Community Council meeting minutes 26th March 2018