Phone Box Book and Produce Exchange

Sadly, after two years of smooth running, the contents of the Phone Box have become attractive to some passersby to participate in low grade vandalism. Bundles of books have been thrown into the river from the Bridge and recently the bin by the footbridge was set alight, resulting in its destruction, as well as a small fire of books on the bridge. In view of this, we have removed the contents of the phone box for 4-6 weeks to remove the attraction, and to avoid the risk of a fire within the phone box. We have notified the police and Stirling Council and would ask anyone who notices further vandalism to report it to the local Police on 101. Where there are concerns about fire setting, this should also be reported to the Fire Service. We will return the books at the beginning of April, and hope that the attention of any potential vandals will have moved elsewhere by then. 

Thanks for all your donations and support for the Box.