Next Meeting 25 May 2020

“Cambuskenneth Community Council will be holding its first-ever virtual meeting at our usual time, 7:30pm, on Monday 25th May. If you would like to join the meeting please email us on for details and instructions on how the meeting will be held.”

If there is anything else you would like discussed, please contact us beforehand.  Comments may also be submitted during the meeting itself, but comments in advance will assist us in managing a remote meeting.

Draft Agenda 25 May 2020

1 Attendance and apologies  
2 Items for AOCB
3 Adoption of previous minutes (3 March 2020)  
4 Matters arising (not covered below) 
Phone Box
Noticeboard – Village Hall
Lighting at Footbridge
Hall and Park Update
Residents’ Survey
Your Stirling – You Decide
Speed on Ladysneuk Road
On the Verge
Community Councils Get Together
Fundraising/Future Events
Hanging Baskets  
5 Secretary’s Report
6 Treasurer’s Report  Insurance for Events
  7  Police Report Forth Valley Police Survey
8 Councillor’s Reports
9 Hall – maintenance etc. 9a Shed          
  10 AOCB
11 Date of Next Meeting