City Fibre Update

You will have noticed that the City Fibre works have now started in the Village.

Information we have at the moment:

1. It’ll take a few weeks to complete the works in the village.

3. Vodafone have exclusivity on the network, but only for six months. Prices might fall a bit after that, but if you’re an existing Vodafone customer, it might be worth it from the start.

2. They’ll install a port for every property at the back of the pavement. It will be up to the ISP to install the rest of the connection in to each house that signs up.

4. For old properties with very thick walls, they will try to place the connection ports close to air vents, to help bring the cable in to the property.

5. The cable is coming across the footbridge from Riverside. This is because they can’t cross the railway line, except at a bridge. This may mean that they will need to close the bridge while this is done. It has been pointed out that this would be a huge problem for the village and they should consult with SC to minimise disruption as much as possible.

6. We will have more information at the next CC meeting on Monday 2 March.