UPDATED Thursday 30 July Bus Schedule for Bridge Closure

The bus will now go into town!

Update on Free Shuttle Service

Friday 31 July, Saturday 1 August, Sunday 2 August 2020,

Cambuskenneth, Ferry Road 08:00 then hourly 20:00
Rail Station , Goosecroft Road 08:10 until 20:10
Riverside, River Drive 08:15 20:15

Riverside, River Drive 08:30 then hourly 19:30 Rail Station , Goosecroft Road 08:35 until 19:35 Cambuskenneth, Ferry Road 08:45 19:45

  • Passengers will only be carried to and from Cambuskenneth

Route: Ferry Road, North Street, Ferry Orchard, Ladysneuk Road, Alloa Road,Causewayhead Road, Union Street, Lower Bridge Street, Cowane Street, Goosecroft Road, ( Stirling Station), Shore Road ,Forth Crescent, Abbey Road, Riverside Drive, Millar Place, Riverside Drive, Abbey Road

inward route in reverse to Ladysneuk Road, Ferry Road

Although this is a ‘private’ shuttle bus, it will be transporting members of the public therefore COVID 19 public transport guidance applies so face masks will be required, please see guidance: https://www.transport.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/transport-transition-plan/advice-on-how-to-travel-safely/#section-63885

Free shuttle service Minimum 6 seats , 1 wheelchair space