Stirling – You Decide consultation Saturday 16 November 10 am – 3pm

Saturday 16 November 10 am – 3 pm in the Village Hall.

We now have costed proposals for the two successful bids for Stirling – You Decide:

A quick reminder of what we have been awarded:

SN14 – Improve roads and pavements in Cambuskenneth £50,000

SN11 – Improve Cambuskenneth Play Park £35,000

We all now have the chance to have our say about how the money is spent!

We have worked with Stirling Council to work out proposals within our budget, and we’ll be asking you for your opinions.  Don’t worry if you can’t attend on the day, we’ll also be posting the proposals here and on social media and you can vote online at          Park          Roads 



Following on from the successful bids for Stirling – You Decide, the Community Council will be attending a meeting with Stirling Council to discuss the successful ideas, with the aim of forming a Delivery Group to provide support and advice in taking the ideas forward . The Delivery group will be a partnership between residents and Stirling Council to discuss and achieve a successful outcome from the submitted Ideas.”

The next meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 16 October 2019 in the Village Hall at 6 pm.

SN11 – Improve Cambuskenneth Play Park

SN14 – Improve roads and pavements in Cambuskenneth

Your Stirling You Decide Participatory Budgeting
Steering Group Meeting

SN11- Improve Cambuskenneth Play Park

SN14- Improve Roads & Pavements in Cambuskenneth

Date:               28 August 2019                    Time:   18:00                        .


  • Linda Jones (Cambuskenneth Community Council)
    • George Thynne (Cambuskenneth Community Council)
    • Paul Rimmer (Resident & Proposal Submitter)
    • Ailsa McLeod (Cambuskenneth Community Council)
    • Barbara McElhinney (Cambuskenneth Community Council)

In Attendance

  • Pauline Roberts (Community Publicity & Development Officer)
    • Andy Davis (Community Link Officer, Stirling Council)
    • Paul Allan (Play & Maintenance Officer, Stirling Council)
    • Colin MacKay (Team Leader, Operations)
    • Kenny Snedden (Team Leader, Operations)


  • Chris Burns (Community Link Officer- Participatory Budgeting, Stirling Council)
  1. Minute of Previous Meeting- N/A
  • Welcome & Introductions

Pauline Roberts welcomed everybody to the meeting and explained that the purpose of the meeting was to form a community steering group to guide the delivery of the successful Your Stirling You Decide projects of improving the playpark and roads/pavements in Cambuskenneth.

Action: n/a

  • The Proposal Process

During the idea generating stage for Your Stirling You Decide 3 ideas for improving the playpark and 3 ideas for improving roads/pavements in Cambuskenneth were submitted.  Community Volunteers (Budget Delegates) considered each proposal against a set criteria and agreed to group similar ideas together.  A project team (Stirling Council Officers) also considered the ideas and confirmed that the proposals were in scope. Following the voting stage proposals SN11 (playpark) was successful and has been allocated £35k and SN14 (road/pavements) has been allocated £50k.  All Your Stirling You Decide projects need to be completed by June 2020.

Action: n/a

  • Delivery Group

The purpose of the delivery group is to guide the project through to delivery, this includes identifying issues that need to be taken into consideration, advising on additional stakeholders, advising how to communicate & engage with the community to understand their views and opinions on the delivery of the projects.  The community link officer- participatory budgeting will support the principles of participatory budgeting during this stage (i.e. that the community should be involved in every stage) as well as supporting the delivery group and acting as the link between the delivery group and council officers.

Action:  N/A

  • Agreement on Proposal/Information Required
  • SN14- Improve Roads & Pavements in Cambuskenneth

The following ideas were submitted-

  • Pavement on Ladysneuk Road needs improving
  • North Street needs resurfacing as its full of pot holes 
  • St James Orchard pavement & road needs resurfacing

Budget of £50k would not be sufficient to carry out all these works, the community would need to prioritise what is most important.  The road network in Stirling are subject to a national condition survey, this system plus officer involvement identifies priorities across the whole of Stirling. The opportunities for repairing Cambuskenneths roads/pavements outside of this budget are low as there is a 16/17 waiting list for road repair. 

The delivery group thought that Ladysnuek Road could be a priority as its well-used by residents and visitors.  Is there also an opportunity as part of this process to designate this road as a walking/cycling friendly road and reduce the speed limit to 30mph?  This road also floods, could this be repaired at the same time?  Possibly, but it depends where the location is and the scope of the works needed to improve the pavement, if not possible it can be reported as a separate issue to Stirling Council.

It was agreed that the delivery group would do a walk around with Kenny Snedden to look at the area to confirm specific locations.  Roads would then carry out a survey and produce a menu of options that would go out for consultation so that the community can decide priorities.


  • Roads to carry out survey of priority areas and produce menu of options- Kenny Snedden
  • Consult community on options- Stirling Council & delivery group
  • SN11- Improve Cambuskenneth Play Park

The following ideas were submitted-

  • Improve the sandpit so that the Sand Digger works, the pit should be fenced to prevent dog fouling. Existing equipment needs to be upgraded and new equipment could be installed.
  • extend the permanent footpath within the park
  • New seats in Cambuskenneth Play park

Benches can be included in the project if wished, or these could be part of a separate community fundraising initiative.  The funding for Your Stirling You Decide could also be used for leverage to enable additional funding to be secured.  Delivery would take approx. 12 weeks followed by installation.  The delivery group would like to see the work completed by spring 2020, so final decision on equipment needs to be taken by the autumn.  Proposals would also need written confirmation from Cowane’s.

The delivery group has the aspiration that all children/parents in Cambuskenneth are given the opportunity to share their aspirations for the upgrade of the play park. Paul Allan is available to do a visit with parents/children.  Can communicate with parents via Cambuskenneth play park facebook page.

Following this a menu of options is to be developed for consultation.

At the close of the meeting the delivery group took part in a walk around to highlight their aspirations for the park.


  • Arrange date for parent/child park walk around- Ailsa McLeod/Paul Allan
  • Contact parents via facebook group- Pauline Roberts
  • Develop menu of options- Colin MacKay/Paul Allan
  • Consult community on options- Stirling Council & delivery group
  • Wider Community Involvement & Stakeholders

The Community Link Officer-Participatory Budgeting is looking to extend the membership of the steering group, suggestions/ideas should be sent to Chris directly. 


  • Ideas for additional steering groups members to be given to Chris Burns
  • Next Steps/Future Meetings

As the meetings progress the delivery group needs to consider how to and what to consult Cambuskenneth on (e.g. consultation materials, methods). 

7          Date of Next Meeting